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Philosophy of Silence Spaces

from nothing... -to everything!

Come in, lie down and make yourself comfortable.

What does a sustainable future need? What is missing to rethink our future?


Let us imagine that the answer to this question lies in phenomena of experience and knowledge, which seem to be ever more suspended in the race of the wheels of a constantly accelerating society. Silence and nothing could be named as such phenomena. In pause, in nothingness, we can listen to the world and ourselves. In listening, we can experience ourselves timelessly and find answers. Probably these answers would not require any cognitive effort, but something much simpler and at the same time challenging for some people: Nothing.




Silence in the sense of Silence Spaces does not at all mean the absence of noise - it is rather an attitude of the receding ego that absorbs the world into itself. It can thus understand and experience itself as an empowered In order to think sustainability holistically, we cannot limit ourselves to the outer facets of climate change. In the epoch of the Anthropocene, mankind finds itself in industrial nations as the driver of the accelerated climate change. Much is being explained about what is not sustainable, but the root of this human behavior, to take more from the earth than it needs, is hardly ever explored. Profound transformation towards a more respectful use of our own and global resources must also take place on an intrinsic level.


What does a sustainable future need? What is missing to rethink our future? If you ask us, more space for silence and nothing!

Silence Spaces are consumption- and technology-free places of silence and tranquility, where no form of occupation or activity is practiced - all cyber devices remain outside. Everyone can do what he or she needs to do without restricting others: rest, lie down, meditate, pray, practice yoga or simply nothing. They are spaces of silence and emptiness that can be filled by all of us.


By offering and accessing a Silence Space, people are shown an alternative to the consumer society and a permanent presence in digital networks. This can be an unfamiliar and challenging situation. At the same time, it can stimulate one's own creativity, create a deep connection between oneself, one's environment and one's fellow human beings. People are empowered to live transformation and societies are strengthened in their resilience.



In order to reach this highest level of transformation and to grow beyond the already known concept of a quiet room, it is additionally important to offer formats of exchange, be it about experiences with silence, nothingness and mindfulness or topics of socio-ecological transformation. In our offer we always combine both areas with each other.


Some people might say that silence is our mother tongue, which we all speak, regardless of our origin, our faith, our appearance. Silence Spaces are only a symbol for something that everyone carries within themselves. They are, so to speak, a reminder of our inner voice, which we have forgotten to consult more often.


Come in - silence is our right, which we have to take. Silence Space and its caravan remind us of this.


Is this where the transformation to a more sustainable future begins? Everyone can be part of it!

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