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Time and Space for Nothing and Silence –
Undo, Unwind, Unfold

What does it take for a sustainable society?

What is missing to rethink our future?  Answers can be found in silence! It offers space for inner transformation and thus can trigger greater change - because external and internal transformation processes are mutually dependent. Silence is not the absence of noise, but an attitude.  

Where do we find silence in times of constant acceleration and endless growth?

With the project "Silence Space", silence is given a symbolic space, which wants to include all areas of life, the public institutions as well as educational landscapes, companies and organizations.


Enter the experiment of a modern, non-confessional temple. Do you remember how much potential there is in you? Creativity is able to dwell in silence. Silence holds self-love, connection to one's neighbor and promotes resilience of social structures in times of radical change.

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